A week ago, we had our first Cult Classics event at our new location MADCAP Theaters in Tempe, AZ. And what better way to re-christen Cult Classics than with one of the best 80’s science fiction/comedies around – BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Now if you’ve attended a CULT CLASSICS event before, you know we try to make the screening an event in and of itself. For our screening of THE LIFE AQUATIC, we had red caps and cap guns for the big pirate fight near the end of the movie and for ROBOCOP – we had RoboCop show up! So what better way to make BACK TO THE FUTURE stand out than by having a DELOREAN at our event!

After a little bit of legwork, I learned about the Arizona Delorean Club – they’re a group of Delorean enthusiasts and we were able to get word out and had one of their cool vehicles out for the screening for early attendees to get a picture with and of prior to the event.

We also had some really cool items available for attendees. We had an 11×17 art print on heavy 110 pound paper of the Delorean time machine as it was getting struck by lightning and begin its time-travel process with the flux capacitor kicking into gear. This print was by Victor Moreno.

We also had fliers made up to mimic the blue SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER fliers handed out at the start of the film to Marty McFly. The fliers had the copy changed to promote our Cult Classics website and free copies were given to all attendees. Here’s a pic of some of the fans that came out with the fliers and art print:

We had an awesome turnout of 105 people come out for the screening. Including several in costume as future gang members from Griff Tannen’s gang from BACK TO THE FUTURE 2, Marty McFly Jr. and even Doc Brown with his Flux Capacitor sketch in hand!

The crowd had a great time and we had a great pre-show full of vintage clips and classic 80’s trailers. Which also included our Cult Classics screening for next month – Joe Dante’s classic 1984 horror/comedy GREMLINS starring Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates and Keye Luke.

Thanks again to ZIA RECORDS, MADCAP Theaters and our great fans for making this event such a great success and hopefully we’ll see you at GREMLINS next month. Tickets are available now and pre-sales help our events happens. Get your tickets at this link

– Victor

  • Tim Morrow

    That was a fun night.