On February 24th, Cult Classics had our second event at our new home at MADCAP Theaters in Tempe, AZ with our screening of GREMLINS! Over 70 people came out to our interactive film event, sponsored by ZIA Records and featuring an all-new GREMLINS art print by Victor Moreno Design.

We had free fortune cookies styled after the exotic Chinatown gift shop run by Mr. Wing (Keye Luke) in the film, the enigmatic shop owner who owns the mogwai Gizmo.

Before entering the theater, each attendee received a 15% discount credit on purchases at Zia, a raffle ticket for a free gift card and had their fortune cookie reveal their fate after the screening. Some of the fortunes were hilarious, (especially if you add “with a Mogwai” to the end of them – just sayin’) and our attendees had fun with them as you can see here:

On top of that,we had lots of fun Gremlins merchandise, from NECA Gizmo figurines and Gizmo drink cozies, down to singing plush mogwai dolls and Gremlins on Blu Ray, courtesy of Zia!

We had our usual awesome pre-show, with tons of fun retro advertisements and new custom bumpers, as well as trailers for some perhaps upcoming films. Let us know what you’d like to see in the comments, because you make Cult Classics happen! Check out the preshow here:

And after all that, we had GREMLINS on the big screen. Some patrons bringing their children who had never seen the movie and parents who hadn’t seen the film since they were children themselves.

As you can see in the pre-show, on March 23rd we have the exclusive Phoenix engagement of BATTLE ROYALE screening at 9pm and 11:30PM – This is the Phoenix premiere. We’ll have survival kits for all attendees and a new awesome print from Victor Moreno and other goodies, courtesy of Anchor Bay and Zia Records.

See you on March 23rd at the next Cult Classics. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this image!
– Victor