On March 23rd, Cult Classics celebrated our 9th month of running monthly film events with a one-night-only screening of BATTLE ROYALE, sponsored by Anchor Bay Entertainment and ZIA Records and featuring an all-new BATTLE ROYALE art print by Victor Moreno Design.

Before entering the theater, each attendee received a 15% discount credit on purchases at Zia, a raffle ticket for a free gift card and a “BATTLE ROYALE SURVIVAL KIT” featuring random weapons ala the survival bags in the film, as well as cookies like those the character Noriko hands out on the class trip and which Kitano eats throughout the film.

Here’s a shot of some of our patrons enjoying the survival kits. As you can see, these kits included headsets, walkie talkies and some grenades.

BATTLE ROYALE was our most successful CULT CLASSICS event ever. Our 9pm screening sold out the Brookfield auditorium which holds over 158 people. We had a line wrapping around the lobby and had to bring in folding chairs to make sure all our 9pm patrons got the best seat possible for the screening. Here’s a shot of part of the line snaking through the theater.

However, our patrons were in good spirits and excited to be part of the Phoenix only exclusive screening for the film as well as standing in line to get their exclusive prints!

Even though we had a huge turnout, we were able to entertain the crowd prior to the film starting with fun screenvision style slides from our local sponsors Zia and as well as our event sponsor Anchor Bay Entertainment and their release of BATTLE ROYALE on Blu Ray and DVD. Here’s a shot of the theater prior to the 9pm screening packed full of eager fans waiting to get prizes from Zia and see a cult favorite on the big screen!

Both of our screenings featured introductions by our Cult Classics staff and host Victor Moreno, giving out the rules of Cult Classics and introducing our pre-show of trailers and clips, as well as giving away gift cards from Zia. We also had a run of Cult Classics-style “Big Trouble in Little China” shirts as you can see here that sold out at the show!

And as usual, we had our pre-show, which you can see here!

Join us next month for LABYRINTH at Cult Classics! Tickets are on sale here Thanks to Cult Classics volunteers Saul Moreno, Justin Edwards and Alison Brandt for their event assistance once again!