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FILM REVIEW: Problemista (2024) is a stylish and surreal view at navigating the pitfalls of immigrant life in America

Julio Torres’ feature film debut is a wonderfully surreal and affecting comedy about navigating towards your authentic self as a working immigrant. One of the shining lights for this writer during the pandemic was the discovery of the sitcom “Los

VIDEO REVIEW: We Watched DUNE PART TWO & We Have Thoughts …

Victor from Cult Classics finally gets to see DUNE PART TWO and gives us his thoughts on the new Denis Villaneuve film in this review. Dune hits theaters on March 1st #filmreview #movies #moviereview

FILM REVIEW: Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE PART TWO is a feast for the senses.

Director Denis Villeneuve’s conclusion to his Dune saga is a provocative meditation on the fall of a corrupt feudal system turned totalitarian and the rise of a radicalized fundamentalist fascist regime. When one thinks of Frank Herbert’s Dune, a book