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Cult Classics is always happy to hear from our patrons! If you are from the press and interested in contacting us regarding screenings, illustrated prints or interview and press requests, feel free to contact us with a detailed request and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

To save some time, here are a few FAQ questions we can answer right away!

Q. I ordered a VIP T-Shirt, but there wasn’t anywhere to put my size? How do I give you my t-shirt size?

    A. If you bought your tickets via mobile ticketing, there might not have been a t-shirt size option; there is on desktop. You can e-mail your t-shirt size prior to the event to us at victor [at]

Q. I have a suggestion for a movie you should screen. How can we make that happen?

    A. Feel free to send us a message on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or the comments section below this post. We check all of those often. You can also post your suggestions on our Facebook page or group. We read all of them and if we think it might work, we’ll put the trailer in our preshow to see the reaction it gets from the audience at our next event.

Q. What is the difference between a VIP Ticket and a regular ticket?

    A. VIP tickets offer additional perks than regular admission. Depending on the level, you may get an art print or shirt or other item. All VIP tickets give you access to a preferred line that gives you first choice of seating at the event.

Q. I bought a ticket, but can’t attend. Can I get a refund?

    A. Brown Paper Tickets can refund your tickets up to day of the event. You can contact them directly. We do not refund tickets ourselves or tickets bought from Zia Records. Those are final sales.

Q. My ticket is will call, how does that work?

    A. Go to Pollack’s box office and they will check you in day of and they will give you a proper ticket you can pickup your VIP items at our merch table once you are checked in. We only hold them til the end of the event.

Q. I have never been to a Cult Classics event, how does this work if I bought a physical or mobile ticket?

    A. Every one who buys a ticket online ends up on our will call list. So go to the box office and give them your name/ticket if you bought online, you’ll get a stub and be sent to line up. If you bought a VIP package, come to the merch table near Theater 1, we have a special line for you that gives you preferred seating. If you bought your ticket at Zia, do the same procedure, go to the box office to get a stub and they’ll send you to the regular Cult Classics line.

Q. Are your films on 35mm?

    A. No, there are no longer any 35mm projectors at our venue. We project on digital and DCP format.

Q. I saw your cool shirt/art print for a particular film you’re screening? How do I get that with my ticket?

    A. You can get our art prints and shirts bundled with your ticket when you buy a VIP package through our ticketing site online. A ticket plus print is $20. A ticket plus shirt is $30. Our ultimate package includes both for $45. If we have any leftover after the show, they end up on our web site store. We also have some extras available at the show, but size selection is limited.

Q. I’m sorry I didn’t send you a size for the shirt I ordered. Can I still pick a specific size day of event?

    A. We ask for your sizes early since we print the shirts to order with a few extra. We can try to accommodate but we typically will default your size to 2XL if we cannot reach you via email or phone prior to the show or the last size you have ordered if you’ve ordered shirts from us before in the past.

Q. Can I get a VIP ticket at Zia Records?

    A. No, unfortunately we only sell regular admission tickets at Zia Records.

Q. Can I get a VIP ticket at Pollack Tempe Cinemas?

    A. No, we only sell regular admission tickets at Pollack Tempe Cinemas day of show.

Q. Do you have extra tickets day of show at the door even if it sells out online?

    A. No, once a show sells out online, Zia is the last chance to get them if they haven’t sold out as well.

Q. Can I just buy tickets day of show at the door?

    A. Yes, but we discourage it since our shows usually sell out. It is also $12 at the door day of for tickets, versus $11 at Zia or online prior to the event, so its cheaper to buy early.

You can contact us via e-mail at press [at] We’re also available via mobile phone at 310.218.8076.

  • Kyle McBride

    Can you show The OMEN with Gregory Peck?

    • victormoreno

      Hi Kyle,
      That would be a fun pick for Cult Classics. Right now (November 2012) we’re doing a poll on our Facebook page where you can vote on/suggest picks there, The link is at – but that’s one of my faves “It’s all for you Damien! It’s all for you!”

  • DukeTristan

    So, I didn’t see if it happen yet or not but Serenity would be awesome!

    • victormoreno

      @Duke We haven’t screened Serenity yet, but we have considered it or doing a Whedon themed night in the future. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for more input on future selections at

  • John

    There wasn’t not a shirt size selection spot when purchasing a VIP package for Army of Darkness, is it possible to request a size or do thou choose a size night of the screening?

    • John

      *do you choose…

    • victormoreno

      Hi John, we collect your e-mail when you buy your tickets online and then we e-mail you prior to the screening to get your t-shirt size.

  • Julio Chavez

    It would be awesome if you can play dawn of the dead. I did not watch it last year due to not knowing of cultclassics. ps also pulp fiction would be good since its 20 year anniversary this year. Thanks you.

    • victormoreno

      Hey @disqus_1wxLqvZWkR:disqus – probably will not screen Dawn again for a while, its very expensive to license that movie, so maybe in the future if we can build a unique event around it.

      We have considered screening Pulp Fiction though.

  • Brett

    Would love to see the following:
    1) Commando
    2) Bloodsport
    3) Kickboxer
    4) Road House
    5) Alien and Aliens (Double Feature, yo!)
    6) Spacehunter

    • victormoreno

      Hey Brett,

      I think you’ll definitely see Aliens Alien Commando and Bloodsport at some point in the future, though a double feature is unlikely. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • victormoreno

      Also feel free to follow us on Facebook at and send us a message on there to get a quicker response.

    • victormoreno

      I think you’ll definitely see some of those at CCAZ in the future

  • Julio

    Any thought on screening The Return of the living Dead and or Cannibal Holocaust if possible?

    • victormoreno

      Maybe on one of our spin-off events down the line. Though we have considered Return of the Living Dead for October a few times

  • Mick Whitaker

    Would love to see the following movies shown:

    1) Battle Beyond the Stars
    2) Message from Space
    3) The Running Man
    4) Mortal Kombat
    5) Super Mario Bros (Hey, don’t judge, it’s cheesy and fun)
    6) Dragonslayer
    7) The Dark Crystal
    8) Labyrinth
    9) Mr. Mom
    10) Beetlejuice
    11) Airplane!

    • victormoreno

      We’ve screened Labyrinth and Beetlejuice in the past, but I’m sure we will definitely play both again. Running Man is also in contention for CC down the line and some of these may be a part of our spinoff events down the line


    Hello, this will be my first time attending one of your events. Is there assigned seating?

    • victormoreno

      No, there is no assigned seating. We have preferential line access for VIP customers and you get first dibs on seats that way.

  • SAM

    Are the T shirts pre shrunk? Or should i order 1 size bigger

    • victormoreno

      shirts are 100% cotton Gildan shirts and not pre-shrunk

  • Jbread

    Show 2003 movie The Room PLEASE!! I have a ton of plastic spoons.

    • Victor Moreno

      Spoon throwing is a very large factor as to why we don’t screen The Room, damages the screen and we have to clean up afterward.

    • victormoreno

      Spoon throwing is a very large factor as to why we won’t screen The Room – we have to clean up after and it could potentially damage the screen.

      • Jbread

        Ok fine then show Boyz N Da Hood.If you don’t Ill call Al Sharpton.

  • Jbread

    Show Blood In Blood Out.

  • Jason Wieber

    Dude guys PLEASE do a showing of Killer Klowns from outer space….OMG that’d be awesome best movie ever